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Why is a prenuptial agreement beneficial?

Nothing brings out a firestorm before a marriage than talk of a prenuptial agreement. Whether the talk is between the future spouses or their families and friends, the idea of preparing for a divorce before a marriage occurs is morbid to many.

In today's world, planning for the worst and hoping for the best is a hallmark. The insurance business thrives on this fundamental approach, so why is something like a prenuptial agreement so horrible to consider? When deciding if this document is right for your situation, take note of what it can and cannot do.

New Colorado laws you should know about

If you want to stay on the right side of the law, it is necessary to know the law. However, the fact that laws frequently change and new laws come into effect can make it difficult to stay up to date. For example, there are multiple new laws in Colorado as of Jan. 1, 2019.

These new statutes and policies cover a wide range of subjects, from beer sales to driver's licenses for immigrants. Here is what you should know about the new Colorado laws.

Myths about divorce mediation

As you may already know, Colorado law requires mediation for divorcing couples. This requirement is in place to try to make divorces as peaceful as possible. While you may think that is a good idea for other people, you may also believe some misconceptions and myths about mediation that make you skeptical of the process. 

The truth is that mediation does not work for every couple. Some divorces end up in litigation. But mediating your divorce may work for you and come with a variety of emotional and financial benefits. Take a look at the common misunderstandings about mediation and why they are debunked. 

3 ways you could lose your driver's license

Driving is such a daily part of your life that you may forget it is a privilege, not a right. It only takes one mistake to lose this privilege.

Knowing how you could lose your license can help you avoid the situation, or know how to gain back driving abilities. These are three ways your license can be at risk.

Essential elements of a business contract

If you are thinking about starting a business in the Northern Colorado area but have yet to put your plans in motion, you may want to pause before moving forward. Though your venture may still be in the formation stages, it is imperative to know what to include in your business contracts. When structured properly, contracts prevent hassles and delays in the delivery of goods and services rendered. When it comes to business disputes and misunderstandings, the contract outlines the course of action all parties should take to resolve them.

A contract is an enforceable agreement. A poorly constructed contract can spell disaster. Before signing one, review the following key elements of a business contract.

When a car crash leads to catastrophic burns

If you become the victim of a Colorado car crash, the results likely will be devastating for both you and your passengers. Given the fact that your vehicle’s interior represents a relatively small and enclosed space, even if an SUV or passenger van, plus the fact that it contains many surfaces, fluids and electrical wires that can become hot enough to burn you during a fiery crash, this makes for a potentially deadly combination.

In addition, even if you survive your crash, receiving catastrophic burns during it undoubtedly will change your life forever. Not only are burns some of the most painful injuries, they also invariably leave substantial, often deforming, scars.

Consequences of a DUI conviction in Colorado

Colorado law takes driving under the influence seriously. If police arrest you for DUI, you potentially face severe consequences if a judge convicts you. It is essential that you understand what is at stake with your DUI charge and how you may work to strategically mitigate the potential penalties of your arrest.

You do not have to automatically accept your DUI without a strong defense strategy that takes all the factors of your case into account. Before you contemplate how to build your DUI defense, learn more about the penalties of a DUI conviction in Colorado.

A personal breathalyzer lets you check your ability to drive

The Colorado Department of Transportation joined with BACtrack, a company that produces personal breathalyzers, to provide breathalyzers to DUI offenders. The goal of the experiment is to gauge how effective personal breathalyzers are in stopping people who have been drinking alcohol from getting behind the wheel.

A few Colorado statistics

DUI charges - not just because of alcohol

When you think of a criminal charge for driving under the influence, you may automatically think of alcohol. Of course, alcohol impairs your driving in the following ways:

  • Loss of self-control
  • Deterioration of judgment
  • Lack of coordination
  • Slow reaction times
  • Worsening vision and hearing

Drunk driving is certainly illegal. However, it is not the only substance that leads to DUI arrests and convictions. Here are some other ways you can face DUI charges.

Top mistakes when buying commercial property

Whether you are just starting your business or expanding an existing one, purchasing commercial property can play a major part in furnishing premises or serving as an investment. Buying the right property can deliver solid returns.

Negotiating and finalizing the contract can include several pitfalls that may cause problems if you are not careful. In particular, several key areas deserve your close attention throughout the process.


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