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Record sealing can aid in preventing long-term DUI damage

Perhaps you are a college student and a driver under the age of 21. You often get together with friends and do not see a problem with driving after having enjoyed a few beers.

However, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol is definitely problematic. This kind of mark on your record will follow you and create roadblocks in your life, but record sealing can prevent long-term damage from DUI.

The consequences of hiding assets during a divorce

Few things in life are more difficult than going through a divorce. Fortunately, if you and your spouse have considerable assets, you may not have to worry about your financial future. 

In Colorado, family law judges divide marital property based upon what is equitable. Of course, you can mediate or otherwise negotiate with your partner to receive more or less than that. Still, you can only receive your fair share if you know marital property exists. 

Tips for getting through divorce

Few events in life affect emotional and mental health more than divorce. It is usually cited as second only to the death of a loved one.

Getting through a separation and divorce, even when the action is necessary, can take a real toll on emotional health. To make sure you do not lose your way during the process, take some time to review these tips and implement them into your routine.

Avoid these mistakes during your high-asset divorce

Divorce is difficult for most people, especially when it comes to financial and legal matters. If you are ending a high-net-worth marriage, the process can be even harder. When significant assets and wealth are at stake, it can cause more stress, arguments and mistakes. 

The good news is that you are not the first person to go through a high-asset divorce in Colorado, which means you can learn from others' mistakes. Here are some major errors to avoid during a divorce with complex assets.

Colorado's reckless driving laws

Driving in a dangerous manner can cause you to face fines and jail time. In Colorado, reckless driving is a class two misdemeanor. You may receive a conviction for reckless driving if you operate a vehicle with an intentional disregard for the safety of other people or property.

Some examples of reckless driving include driving at excessive speeds, playing a game of "chicken" or cutting off other vehicles while speeding. 

The difference between misdemeanor and felony DUIs

Authorities recently held a DUI enforcement event where police arrested hundreds of people for driving under the influence of alcohol. Colorado Springs had the most citations, with 174. Denver was a close second, with 170 citations. 

Most of these people received misdemeanor DUI charges. While it does not sound overly serious, even a misdemeanor charge comes with serious consequences that can follow a person for years. It is vital for drivers to understand the differences between a misdemeanor and felony DUI so that if they ever end up with one, they will know what type of defense would be best to create. 

Should you sleep it off in your car to avoid a DUI?

It is paramount for drivers of all ages to learn the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. First responders recently went to a local high school to simulate a drunk driving accident to teach teens the dangers of driving while intoxicated during prom season. 

You have plenty of options to get home if you consume too much alcohol to drive. You can call an Uber or utilize public transportation. A friend or family member can also pick you up. A lot of people consider the benefits of sleeping it off in their cars until they feel sober enough to drive again. However, you can actually get a DUI through this even though the cops did not catch you driving. It all comes down to having physical control of the vehicle. 

What to do if one spouse does not cooperate with mediation?

When most couples divorce, they keep their eyes on the endgame. They may already think about where they want to live once they sell the house or how they will refinance their car following divorce proceedings. 

The state of Colorado requires all couples to go through mediation before proceeding with the divorce. That does not necessarily mean your spouse will go through the mediation willingly. He or she may put up a fight, and it is vital to know how to deal with this kind of spouse. 

Key aspects of parental kidnapping in Colorado

A parent's bond with a child is a special type of relationship that parents often seek to protect. Unfortunately, during and after divorce or separation, parents may feel that the other party is compromising this relationship.

This may lead to parental issues, which may result in drastic actions such as one parent keeping a child away from another parent or trying to maintain more time with the child. In such instances, a parental kidnapping charge may arise, and it is important to understand a few key aspects about this particular charge.

Why is a prenuptial agreement beneficial?

Nothing brings out a firestorm before a marriage than talk of a prenuptial agreement. Whether the talk is between the future spouses or their families and friends, the idea of preparing for a divorce before a marriage occurs is morbid to many.

In today's world, planning for the worst and hoping for the best is a hallmark. The insurance business thrives on this fundamental approach, so why is something like a prenuptial agreement so horrible to consider? When deciding if this document is right for your situation, take note of what it can and cannot do.


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