Seasoned Oil And Gas Law Counsel

Colorado is one of the top 10 producers of both natural gas and oil in the United States. As a landowner or service company, you may want to work with or lease your land to a large energy extractor. Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer will protect you from legal problems and maximize your profits. At Grant & Hoffman, Law Firm P.C., our attorneys provide experienced oil and gas counsel. We will review your contracts, lease agreements and other legal documents related to natural resource extraction.

Our attorneys have a long history of representing local businesses and property owners' while negotiating with an oil or gas company. From our Greeley and Fort Collins offices, we assist people across Northern Colorado with their oil and gas law cases. We will fight to get you the best possible outcome while working with an oil or gas extractor.

A Natural Gas And Oil Lawyer For Colorado Landowners

Property owners are in a precarious situation while working with energy extraction companies. Oil and gas developments have the potential to destroy your land and leave you without recourse. There is also the possibility that you will earn a fair profit from your deal with an energy company. Without the counsel of an experienced attorney, you may not truly understand the full terms of your agreement with an oil or gas company. Every situation is different and we will help you resolve problems related to your oil and gas lease, surface use agreement, easement, forced pooling or royalties. Our attorneys will give you personalized legal counsel for your specific situation.

The government may use eminent domain to allow energy extractors to remove natural resources from your land without your explicit permission. These forced deals often result in less value for the landowner than if they dealt directly with the energy company through a lawyer. Our attorneys will investigate the circumstances of your case and protect your property rights. If an energy company extracts natural gas or oil from your property, we will negotiate a fair deal on your behalf.

Attorneys For Natural Gas And Oil Service Companies

We understand how difficult it is for businesses who service natural gas sites to follow federal and state laws. Our business law firm helps water and oil hauling companies, construction contractors, electrical companies and many other companies overcome their regulatory challenges. Our attorneys give small-business owners who work with oil or gas extractors' capable legal guidance.

Oil and gas companies have teams of experienced property lawyers dedicated to getting them what they want at the lowest possible price. Our local lawyers have represented oil and gas law in Northern Colorado for years and have a thorough understanding of your rights. Set up your free consultation with a knowledgeable oil and gas attorney by calling (970) 673-4960 or sending us an email.