Proven Lawyers For High-Asset Divorces

If you have a substantial amount of assets or high net worth, a divorce filing may feel overwhelming. High-asset divorces are a specialized area of the law that not all attorneys can effectively represent. At Grant & Hoffman, Law Firm P.C., our goal-oriented lawyers will guide you through a high-asset divorce and protect your best interests throughout the process.

Our lawyers have years of family law experience and we pride ourselves on our dedication to high-quality results. The attorneys at our Greeley and Fort Collins offices are high-asset divorce authorities who will be by your side from the start to the finish of your case. Our aggressive and compassionate representation will fight for you at the negotiation table and in court.

Our attorneys will work directly with you to understand your wishes and goals. We will then create a plan to get you the best possible outcome for your divorce. At Grant & Hoffman, Law Firm P.C., you are in control of your case and our lawyers will act as your knowledgeable legal counsel.

Trusted Divorce Attorneys For Couples With Extensive Assets

The division of expensive property or business holdings is a complex process for even experienced divorce lawyers. We will protect your right to an equitable division of property and account for your cost of living. Our attorneys will fight to get you a fair spousal support agreement or alimony payment in your final divorce settlement. We have represented multimillion-dollar divorce cases for doctors, sales professionals and even other lawyers.

Dividing expensive assets has serious tax implications for both parties going through a divorce. Marital debt may be divided between parties and is an often overlooked part of a divorce case. Our attorneys will advise you on how to structure your finances and assets to safeguard your future.

Mediation For Clients Who Want To Save Time And Money

If both parties in a divorce can work together to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, then mediation is an option. Our legal counsel will act as your mediator and create a legally binding agreement that meets both parties' needs. Mediation gives people more control over the final divorce agreement in a private and cost-effective manner.

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Our attorneys represent family law clients across Northern Colorado, including Weld, Logan and Fort Morgan counties. We offer evaluations to review you divorce filing details and answer any questions. To schedule your free consultation, call our office at (970) 673-4960 or message our attorneys.