Compassionate Family Law Counsel

A case involving your family is both emotional and involves personal details about your life. A child custody or divorce case may require you to confront an ex-spouse for access to your children or expensive assets. At Grant & Hoffman, Law Firm P.C., our effective attorneys will fight on your behalf and manage all aspects of your family's dispute.

Our Greeley and Fort Collins lawyers resolve family law problems by working closely with our clients. We will listen to your side of the story and build a personalized legal strategy designed to accomplish your goals. Our accessible attorneys will guide you through the entire family law process.

Colorado Lawyers Who Represent Their Clients' Best Interests

Grant & Hoffman, Law Firm P.C., has solved our clients' family law problems for decades. Our attorneys give families the dedicated and experienced legal counsel they need to get favorable case results. We will create an effective legal plan for your family law challenges.

These are a few of the family law client cases, our capable law firm represents:

  • Divorces and separations with expensive assets
  • Child custody agreements and modifications
  • Child support enforcement and collections
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial paperwork
  • Legal separation and divorce
  • Property and asset divisions
  • Spousal maintenance and support
  • Grandparent visitation rights

Colorado law allows people to bring a family law case before the court without representation. Family law cases are personal and you may be too emotionally involved in the dispute to effectively represent yourself. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney is the best decision you can make for your family law case. Effective legal representation reduces the risk of losing the most important thing in the world — family.

Private Mediations For Family Law Disputes

If opposing parties are open to resolving their differences together, mediation may be the right option. Mediation is when individuals work together to overcome their disagreement with the assistance of a trusted professional. Our lawyers offer mediation services for our clients so they can avoid an expensive and time-intensive court case.

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We help families in Morgan, Weld and Logan counties move past their family law case and get back to their lives. Our comprehensive legal counsel will be by your side for your entire case. To schedule your free case evaluation, please call (970) 673-4960 or use our contact form.